Rest assured: what one hears across the span of Homeshake’s discography is precisely what one will be greeted with at a live performance. This was evidenced in the group’s performance at Observatory North Park on August 23rd. Homeshake, the solo project of Peter Sagar, was birthed on a tour hiatus in Sagar’s bedroom in early 2012. Sagar, former guitarist for Mac DeMarco, has deviated from the airy qualities of DeMarco’s work both in theme and in sound. Songs like “She Can’t Leave Me Alone Tonight” & “Khmlwugh”* ground listeners in a deeper synth and center on themes of loneliness, co-dependence, and confusion, emotions often explored within the four bedroom walls. With the recent release of fourth album Helium, Homeshake achieves a clearer sound, demonstrating the longevity and evolution of a bedroom pop pioneer. The lo-fi synth of previous work, however, was more indicative of the group’s performance quality. The band cycled through the repertoire, delivering a reliable, consistent set. Sagar, a self-proclaimed homebody, kept audience interaction to a minimum, but announced the band and expressed his gratitude for the attendance. DeMarco’s spirit even felt present - the show’s guitarist donned a cowboy hat through the entire show (Here Comes the Cowboy, anyone?). Most importantly, the audience had come for precisely what Homeshake was there to give, entirely content to sway and enjoy the laidback synth.  

*stands for “Kissing, hugging, making love, waking up, getting high”. Do you see what we’re getting at here?