6/27/19. The Music Box SD. 

Half•alive did wonders for their performance reputation with their other-wordly show at the Music Box. The Long-Beach based trio has only been in the public eye about a year, but still the excitement about their new tour Now, Not Yet was manifest; all three levels of the venue were packed to the brim.

For fans of the trio’s eclectic dancing, popularized by their music video “still feel”, the show exceeded expectations. Intervals during and between songs were filled with choreography led by lead singer Josh Taylor, who brought onstage with him two professional dancers, including the USC Glorya Kaufman-hailing Aidan Carberry. The movement enhanced the music; the formation changes and partnerwork felt like intentional extensions of the sound.

The non-stop set reached near an hour long, ending on “still feel”. The crowd wanted more. As did I. Now, Not Yet is a beautiful show. It checks every box of a great concert: fan favorites, great sound, irresistibly fun. Yet it manages to be more… original, unique, and completely artistic.