5/8/19. The Palace Theatre. 

The world that first fell in love with the vibrant and energetic FKA Twigs witnessed an evolved artist in her return show Magdalene, one with a raw-to-the-bone vulnerability that is unmistakably human and impossible not to feel. 

Twigs adorned nine different baroque-inspired outfits throughout the show, carrying with them a regal energy that only she could embody with such ease. Her look was complete with intricate cornrows and bold makeup: gelled, exaggerated eyebrows and raven-like shaped colors around her lids.

Four dancers accompanied Twigs onstage for much of the concert. Their choreography was controlled yet uncontained, powerfully athletic while maintaining the integrity of technique.  Twigs’ solo moments onstage stood out as displays of both her artistic and athletic excellence. One being Twigs’ sword routine, another her pole dancing (reminiscent of her Cellophane music video). 

At one point, Twigs made her way down from the stage to an audience member in the front row. Crouching, she stared at him, unmoving, for a good three minutes. The power and longevity of her gaze brought the man to tears. It was a remarkable testament to the presence of Twigs. Her strength and divine feminine energy were palpable. 

The show was incredible not only because of Twigs’s remarkable talent; the set design was dreamy, the choreography masterful, the ever evoloving nature of the performance stimulating. Magdalene was ethereal. 

At the end of the show Twigs thanked her cast and crew and recognized that Magdalene is the work of the black community, the queer community.