7/20/18. San Diego Public Library. 

Eager fans lined the perimeter of the San Diego Public Library as day two of Comic-Con came to a close, eager to catch the free concert event featuring Bootsy Collins & DJ Lance Rock. As these early arrivers filtered into the courtyard. As these early arrivers filtered into the courtyard, Tom Kenny took the mic, revealing a soulful and eclectic sound, surprising many fans accustomed to his roles as Spongebob Squarepants, Rick and Morty, and the Ice King from Adventure Time.

Bootsy and his wife, "Peppermint" Patty, arrived fashionably late following Tom's set, bringing with them an exuberant energy to the space. In his iconic top hat and a sparkly gingerbread-man cape, Bootsy immediately took to moving aside the crowd control rope barriers. Patty, dressed in an equally sparkly suit, greeted the crowd and announced the start of a "Boogie Line". Sorting the men to one side of the venue and women to the other, the pair created a runway, encouraging the crowd to strut and boogie down through.

The once-organized line quickly became a cluster of dancing bodies, while Bootsy greeted grateful fans and took selfies. Despite his towering 6’ 2” stature (not counting the height of his top hat), Bootsy was the opposite of intimidating, radiating a loving and calming energy to every fan who approached him. A groovy end to a busy day - it was impossible to leave without a smile.